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Pastor Bejamin Nizeyimana
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Benjamin , Jane and Joanah

About Us

Pastor  Augustine Benjamin Nizeyimana is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom and Righteous Life Ministries Int’l, Kampala, Uganda. He is also founder of “ From Grave To Glory- Uganda.”

He is a Rwanda Genocide survivor and was a refugee orphan for twelve years- from age six to eighteen.

He says,” I thank God that it all happened, because I would not have been who I am, if God did not pass me that way. It was a way of the shadow of death but God Elohim, Jehovah  El Shaddai was in full control.”

Pastor Benjamin is married to Jane Nanono and they have one daughter Joanah. Pastor and his wife currently care for 28 refugee orphans. The Lord gave him a vision for 1,000 refugee orphans. Indeed From Grave To Glory,   Job 14:7- “ for there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down,  that it will sprout again…”

As Senior Pastor of Kingdom and Righteous Life Ministries Int’l,  Acts 26:16-18. Their mission is, “To restore a sense of divine Identity, Heritage, Purpose, Potential, and Destiny to every individual.”

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