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The Elders and Deacons

Dan Caywood


Jerry Bufford


Alice Cruz


   I am an intercessor, Deaconess. I have taught Sunday school for 20 years to many different age groups during that time.

   I am now teaching kindergarten to 2nd grade. I am called to do missions, have done missions to Peru and Mexico. I am waiting for doors to be open by God to do missionary trips to other countries. In the Elderly ministry (nursing homes) 

   I am a worshiper with banners/flags dance. I have acted in skits in at Jesus Lord Ministry Gods Power Unlimited. A witness unto the Lord


Lupe Navaratte


   Licensed Minister through Jesus is Lord Ministeries. Ministry of Helps (prison team) May 10, 1992 Call of Deaconess through Jesus Is Lord Ministries March 14, 1999 Internship at Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Program April 1, 2000  (Volunteers Leading the Way) through Siena Heights. One year college education in Social work studies and received certificate for Outstanding performance in Spanish 101. Called 2010 to missionary field to Mexico Then to the Jungles of Peru.

   Elderly ministry teaching the word of God at Herrick Manor nursing home Over 20 twenty year of teaching Gods word to the teens, pre-teens, 3rd and 4th graders. I have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren 


Joann Wallace


   JoAnn joined JILM on February 14, 1992   She was told by doctors she would never be able to physically work again.  God touched her neck and healed it.  God uses her very strongly in the Ministry of Helps

   She serves on the Board and as Administrative Secretary.  Also, she headed up our church prison team for 16 years and witnessed 100’s of incarcerated women come to the Lord. 

   Deaconess JoAnn is used strongly in the ministry of Divine Appointments.  She loves people and desires to see the hurting and misfortunate healed and set free.


Karin Klingensmith
 After 2 years in one denominational church and 20 years in another one, I was invited to attend a Saturday night Bible Study in the home of one of the Home Interiors girls in my Unit. Pete and Shirley Valdez were the couple leading the Bible Study. When Pete began talking about Nicodemus asking Jesus how a person can be “born again”- I couldn’t wait to ask him where that was in the Bible. The Southern girls in Home Interiors always ran around asking each girl if they were “born again” and because I went to church I assumed that I was indeed good to go! That was 40 years ago and Pastors Pete and Shirley have mentored all those who wish to know and belong to Jesus. How blessed I am to be part of Jesus Is Lord Ministries!

Anita Torres


Anita Torres was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan and is the proud mother of grown children Zachary, Zeke, and Zyanna. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and has been a member of JILM since 1990 when services were held in personal residences before we obtained our first building.

   Anita and her late husband Carlos Torres became elders in approximately 2001. She functions well in the ministry of helps and assists with God’s Handmaidens. Anita oversees the food and clothing ministries, helps coordinate church dinners for guest speakers and special occasions, and assists with the teen class once a month.

   She has worked at ProMedica Bixby Hospital for 16 years, and her current position is endoscopy technician.

   Anita enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, taking walks, visiting lakes, decorating, and thrift shopping. She especially loves the summer months and enjoys people that can make her laugh and appreciate life.

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